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What do I need to purchase a firearm?

MO Resident-

You need a valid MO issued License or ID with your current address.  If your address is not up to date address verification can be made by a State issued document (Vehicle Registration, CCW Permit, MO Conservation, etc.)


A long gun may be transferred so long as your address is current and the firearm is legal in your home state.

Handguns and Lower Receivers must be shipped by us to an FFL in your home state to complete the transfer.

...What about military personnel?

Active duty Military can purchase both long guns and handguns with an out of state License but must bring a copy of their PCS orders bringing them to FLW.


We are able to facilitate transfers to/from out of state FFLs.  Our transfer fee is $20. contact us by phone or email for a quote on multiple firearms.  To start the process, provide us with the Name, contact information of the sending party along with any order or reference numbers and we will work out the rest.

Firearms FAQ

Pawn FAQs

What does it mean to "Pawn"?

When you Pawn an item, we are giving you a small loan based on a percentage of the resale value of that particular item.  If the terms are not met, the item becomes ours to sell.

What will you Pawn or Buy?

One of the most interesting parts about being a Pawn Shop is seeing the items that come through the door.  If it works as it should and has a perceived resale value we will definately make an offer.  Some of the more popular items are firearms, gold, tools, current electronics and gas operated machinery. Bring it by- We'll take a look!
*We have to see it run/work/operate before we can take it in.

What do I need in order to Pawn an item?

A valid State issued Driver's License or ID is needed from the Owner of the item to Pawn or sell at The Shop.  You must be 18 years or older.  All firearms Pawned require a background check to be picked up.